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Supplier sustainability spotlight

In the series “TfS Supplier Sustainability Spotlight”, companies participating in the TfS Audits / Assessments testify of their successful initiatives regarding supply chain sustainability performance. This new section will present good practices of supplier companies who successfully participated in the TfS program. Other supplier companies can draw inspiration from these good practices to develop, drive and improve their companies’ sustainability program.

TfS Supplier Companies – A Very Diverse Landscape

It is our objective that the stories published the coming weeks will cover a variety of use cases. Of course, the profile of supplier companies participating in the TfS program vary largely, not only in geographical sense, sector of activity, but also in complexity and level of maturity. We are convinced that in the several stories presented, you will find inspiration to advance your own sustainability program.


Logo Matsubayashi Red Small

TfS education critical step in obtaining broad recognition of the importance of sustainability and associated measures

For the Japanese company Matsubayashi business sustainability means engaging in business activities or offering customers lifecycle-conscious products and services that lead to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of the environment. Read more



Logo Engemann Blue

Engemann: environmental benefits through intermodal shift

As a small family-owned forwarding company, for many years sustainability was not a strategic focus for Engemann. This changed when the company participated in its first TfS Assessement, which was a real eye-opener. Read more



Logo Of Igc Small

CSR woven into a company's DNA

IGC International purchases and markets branded promotional products that are guided by responsible sourcing-principles. Through a network of local and international partners, IGC International manages the complexity of global purchasing and the risks inherent in buying promotional products. Along with commercial considerations, the company’s product sourcing strategy also incorporates corporate social responsibility criteria. Read more



Logo Technopac Black Blue

Health Management of employees, an intrinsic part of corporate culture

One important sustainability area for Technopac is labor practices and human rights. The company implemented several projects for employees and supports non-profit organizations. As part of a new health management, Technopac offers employees a comprehensive health check that goes far beyond the benefits of the statutory health insurance. This results in a lower level of sickness and a closer connection to the company. Read more



Logo Cobion Color Large

A multi-stakeholder initiative driving sustainability in the cane sugar sector in Thailand

The Dutch company Corbion is a manufacturer of lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives, emulsifiers, functional enzyme blends, minerals, vitamins and algae ingredients. Its products are used in markets such as food, home & personal care, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and bioplastics. In 2016, Corbion completed their first TfS assessment and in 2019 achieved a gold score for the second time. Read more



Logo Lamil Green Blue Large

Latin-American Lamil's flagship case

This first best practice example zooms in on Lamil’s waste-sorting program. For Lamil, sustainability is a real-life philosophy. Fully aware of its role in society as well as in the lives of its employees, the company develops social and environmental actions to minimize the impact of its activities. At the same time, Lamil promotes education, leisure, entertainment and raises awareness of social and environmental issues related to the community in which it operates. Read more



Logo Hh Global Black Green

Sustainability program ‘Innovation with Purpose’ combines innovation with commercial benefits

Sustainability is at the heart of HH Global’s business concept. As the company spokesperson Stacey Kenward says, ‘We believe that creative and innovative marketing solutions can help address global challenges, such as climate change.’ Read more



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