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Global Product Carbon Footprint Calculation and Sharing Solution

TfS is developing a global solution for scope 3 GHG emissions Product Carbon Footprint calculation and sharing. This will create transparency in the chemical industry to enable effective reduction management.

TfS takes the lead for the chemical industry and will establish a drop-in solution for chemicals to other initiatives as well.

The sectoral guideline for the chemical industry will determine how to calculate Product Carbon Footprints of products. It will be audit-ready, ISO-compliant, and reviewed by the GHG Protocol. TfS will also design a data collection & sharing approach and engage with suppliers to improve performance.

The TfS ambition is global and it will partner with major non-governmental organizations and other relevant partners.

In this section you will find all the updates on this program.

News Update

The TfS pilot of the Product Carbon Footprint guideline kicks off!

The TfS programme on the scope 3 GHG emissions PCF guideline and solution for sharing is reaching a crucial week, with the kick-off of the test pilot on April 7!
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Nomination of Suppliers to Test the PCF Methodology Guideline

TfS will kick off a pilot phase with the TfS members and their nominated suppliers to ensure the applicability of the PCF calculation guideline.
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PCF Calculating And Sharing Solution – Update Highlights

TfS has accelerated the delivery of the Supplier PCF Methodology Guideline for chemical materials to Q2 2022, several months ahead of schedule.
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PCF calculation and sharing solution

TfS with its 34 member companies is working on a solution for scope 3 GHG emissions Product Carbon Footprint calculation and sharing.
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#TfSTalks on GHG Scope 3 emissions, Product Carbon Footprints

Norbert Mahr, Director Supplier CO2 Management Program BASF, will be our guest speaker at the next edition of #TfSTalks.
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The TfS Interview – Michael Heite, Bayer

The TfS Communications team is launching a series of interviews with key stakeholders within and beyond the TfS community.
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TfS extends its sustainability program to GHG Scope 3 Emissions

The TfS initiative is happy to announce it extends its program for assessing and auditing chemical supply chains to also measuring GHG scope 3 emissions.
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