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Global reach

As chemical supply chains are globally integrated, TfS has extended its concept and program.

Through the set-up of TfS Regional Teams in China, Japan, the United States and Brazil, TfS will push the sustainability performance of chemical suppliers in these regions. The Regional Teams focus on region-specific topics while aligning their activities with the TfS Global Work Streams and strategic objectives.

In addition, TfS developed strategic partnerships to promote the TfS concept and program. TfS China and CPCIF concluded a partnership to jointly promote TfS membership. In 2019, TfS was very proud to welcome Wanhua Chemical Group Ltd. as its first Chinese member company. Wanhua has grown into a strong advocate of the TfS program and plays a crucial role in promoting TfS with Chinese chemical suppliers and potential new TfS member companies.

The global standard for sustainable chemical supply chains

Given the ever-growing number of TfS Assessments and TfS Audits performed in different parts in the world, TfS can confidently claim that the TfS framework is on track to become to global standard for sustainable chemical supply chains.

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