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TfS Global Work Streams and Regional Operating Committees

TfS is a member-driven organization. This means that the actual work within TfS is done by representatives of the TfS member companies. They take part in the TfS Work Streams and drive the TfS strategy and concept forward.

Given the international dimension of the TfS organization, TfS counts four Global Work Streams as well as three Regional Operating Committees.

The four TfS Global Work Streams are:

  • Governance and Partnerships:
  • TfS Assessments
  • TfS Audits
  • TfS Communications and Supplier Engagement

Each Work Stream has its specific area of responsibility. Cross Work Stream collaboration and coordination ensure that the combined efforts support the TfS strategic objectives.

In addition, the Regional Operating Committees in APAC (China and Japan), NORAM (USA) and LATAM (Brazil) implement the global TfS concept and strategy locally while at the same time steer and manage region-specific topics.

TfS Office

dr gabriele unger tfs

Dr Gabriele Unger

General Manager

mrs maria de rycke

Maria De Rycke

Communications Manager

jakob smets manager at tfs

Jakob Smets


tfs mrs marina vese

Marina Vese


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