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Assessment Process

Ecovadis Assessments: Our Partner to Evaluate Sustainability Performance

After a thorough benchmark of various options, the TfS members decided in 2012 to implement a simple process, based on international sustainable development standards and providing sustainability experts’ feedback.

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The EcoVadis platform is quickly emerging as a standard for suppliers sustainability performance monitoring, used in many different industry sectors.

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Moreover, using a collaborative solution allows suppliers to minimize the workload linked to sustainability reporting, by sharing their results with multiple customers.

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EcoVadis combines technology and sustainability expertise to deliver simple and reliable supplier scorecards.

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Beyond the initial assessment, EcoVadis offers TfS members and its suppliers a platform to monitor contious improvements of the sustainability practices along the supply chain.

The Ecovadis Assessment: How Does It Work?

All suppliers assessed will go through these 4 steps:

1. Registration

If one or more TfS members request a TfS assessment, the supplier will receive a regis­tration code by email.

Registration takes only 5 to 10 minutes

2. Data Collection

The supplier has to fill out an online sustain­ability ques­tion­naire and upload all the rele­vant documents.

The questionnaire is tailored to supplier’s com­pany size, in­dus­try and coun­tries of ope­ration

3. Analysis

EcoVadis analyzes the answers and audit documents received from the supplier.

Performed by EcoVadis Sustain­able Devel­op­ment experts

4. Results

The supplier as well as the TfS member companies can access the person­alized scorecard online. The supplier can easily manage and reuse the information with new customers.

Avoid duplication of effort

The Ecovadis Methodology

The EcoVadis team of international sustainable development experts will analyze and crosscheck suppliers’ data (supporting documents, information watch, etc.)

in order to create reliable ratings

taking into account each company’s sector, size and geographical location.

The EcoVadis methodology is supervised by a scientific committee, and follows major international sustainable development standards.

The Benefits of the Ecovadis Sustainability Monitoring Solution


Avoid multiple questionnaires

Identify improvement areas

Benchmark practices with sector


Manage risks

Access reliable information

Identify opportunities with suppliers

Sharing of Assessment Results

The assessment results and sustainability monitoring services are available on the EcoVadis sustainability monitoring platform. The supplier scorecard will automatically be visible to all TfS member companies, and suppliers will also be able to reuse it for other client’s requests they might receive.


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Frequently Asked Questions

EcoVadis is a global leader for Corporate Social Responsibility assessments and has been chosen by TfS member companies to rate the CSR performance of selected suppliers. The EcoVadis network is quickly expanding: it has been growing twofold every year, with 25000 companies assessed only in 2015, covering 150 industry sectors and operating in 95 countries.

TfS decided to implement a simple process based on international CSR standards and providing CSR experts’ feedback. The EcoVadis platform is quickly emerging as a standard for supplier CSR performance monitoring and is used in many different industry sectors. Moreover, using a collaborative solution allows suppliers to minimize the workload linked to CSR reporting by sharing their results with multiple customers. Please visit for more information about the assessment scope and process.

The EcoVadis sustainability assessment enables companies to take better sourcing decisions. One part of the sustainability assessment is the 360° watch which draws upon more than 500 reliable sources of information, including assessments by NGOs, trade unions, and other stakeholders as well as media. These sources are analyzed to identify CSR-related risks and opportunities in relation to the supplier organization.

Sustainability becomes more and more relevant in business relationships. In supplier relationships, transparency on a supplier’s environmental and social performance is a key parameter for supplier selection and supplier evaluation in many companies. TfS members are committed to make sustainability an integral part of supplier management.

Suppliers benefit from a standardized way of assessing their sustainability performance. The outcome helps suppliers to better understand strengths and weaknesses in their management approach to ethical, environmental and social issues. Another main benefit is that the supplier will conduct the evaluation only once because the results of the evaluation will be shared with all TfS members. Thus, the supplier will save time and money to respond to customer requirements. The benefits for the supplier can be summarized as follows:

– Getting feedback on your CSR practices with ratings on four topics (environment, social, ethics and supply chain) and details on your strengths and areas for improvement.
– Being able to compare your sustainability performance against your competitors and to benchmark your company within a specific industry.

– Use your EcoVadis rating for all of your clients’ sustainability requests and report on a continuous basis for multiple customers.

– Prioritize your corrective actions and improvement measures by utilizing EcoVadis’ scorecard that highlights your main opportunities for improvement.
– Manage improvement plans directly online. Share them with your clients and get their feedback.

– Embrace on a continuous improvement process with a yearly re-evaluation of your CSR performance.
– Access up-to-date information about your CSR performance.

The assessment is comprised of four steps:

1) Registration
Register online and provide company specific information (taking 5 to 10 minutes).

2) Data collection
Fill out an online questionnaire customized to your company sector, size, and countries of operation and upload all requested supporting documents.

3) Analysis
EcoVadis CSR experts analyze your answers and evidence through supporting documents. The EcoVadis assessment methodology is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and the UN Global ompact principles.

4) Results
The analytical results are summarized in a sustainability scorecard accessible online.

It will take between several hours to a few days to complete the dynamic questionnaire and upload all required documents. It depends on the supplier’s company size, its CSR maturity level and speed of availability of the requested information (including access to documents). Once the supplier has filled out the questionnaire and submitted all supporting documents, the EcoVadis team of CSR experts will need four to six weeks to analyze all information and create the sustainability scorecard. EcoVadis will inform the supplier via email once the results are published.

Suppliers are asked to pay an annual subscription fee which covers:
– Access to online CSR monitoring services, including one assessment per year of your data by EcoVadis experts.
– Possibility to share your CSR online profile on demand with all your customers.

The service levels and pricing model can be found on: (see Supplier Solutions – Fees).

No. After the registration of a supplier on the EcoVadis platform, EcoVadis creates a tailored questionnaire depending on the size of the supplier, the industry sector and the region in which the supplier or its subsidiary is located.

The questionnaire is available in English, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese. The supplier can change the language of the questionnaire.

E-mail communication by EcoVadis is in English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese. All suppliers which do not reply in due time are contacted by phone and in their local language (currently approx. 10 major languages).

In this case, no new evaluation is necessary. Based on the supplier’s consent, the results are shared with all TfS members within the EcoVadis portal.

Suppliers can share their evaluation results with TfS members and other clients to promote their sustainable development involvement. They can also use scorecard details (strengths and weaknesses) to prioritize their improvement measures and achieve a better sustainability performance by implementing corrective action plans.

The assessment results give an indication of areas of improvement which can directly be accessed in the corrective action plan model on the supplier portal of the EcoVadis platform.

Please note that all assessment results are shared with all current and future TfS member companies. However, documents provided for the assessment are treated with strict confidentiality and are not shared among TfS members, unless specifically authorized by the supplier, and will only be used by EcoVadis in the process of evaluating the supplier’s sustainability performance.

No software installation is required: The EcoVadis platform is a web-based solution available via a secure interface. The assessment is conducted using an electronic assessment questionnaire. EcoVadis provides updates and technical support.

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