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The TfS programme on the scope 3 GHG emissions Product Carbon Footprint guideline and solution for sharing is reaching a crucial week! The kick-off of the PCF guideline test pilot on April 7 is an important milestone for TfS and its 33 member companies, it marks the starting point of our plan to create transparency and accountability in the chemical industry to effectively manage emissions reductions.

The call to our members to participate and/or to nominate suppliers was well received:

  • 52 companies signed up for the pilot
  • 30 Suppliers and 22 TfS member companies are committed to testing the guideline
  • Representing Europe, USA, India, Brazil, China and Japan
  • With various levels of experience in PCF calculation

During the pilot phase that will run until the end of May 2022, these TfS pioneers – participating companies and suppliers – will do the hard work. Their suggestions for improvements or corrections will be invaluable to the feasibility of the guideline in operational management, whether written in an understandable way and applicable to a wide variety of products. Relevant feedback and learnings will be integrated into the final guideline to be launched this summer.

The TfS video on the “Product Carbon Footprint guideline” provides more information on how TfS will be contributing to climate protection, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Cradle-to-Gate – Product Carbon Footprint, and the PCFCtG solution.

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