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TfS will kick off a pilot phase with the TfS members and their nominated suppliers to ensure the applicability of the PCF calculation guideline to a wide range of chemical materials. We invite TfS member companies to participate and support TfS’ ambition to develop a PCF calculation and sharing solution for the chemical sector.

Companies participating in the pilot phase need to respond with written feedback on the process and guideline to TfS. They can seize the opportunity to calculate PCF for chemical materials of their choice and share their experience with TfS to optimise the guideline. Experts of the TfS Workstream “Scope 3 GHG emissions” will use the feedback to further improve the guideline.

In addition, experts will be available to answer questions. Before starting to test the guideline, participating companies will receive training material and will be invited to a kick-off workshop early April.

The test phase will start mid of April and will take 8 weeks.

The launch of the full guideline is scheduled for the summer 2022.

Interested to participate? Contact your TfS Coordinator who will provide all the details.

On the Scope 3 GHG emissions calculating and sharing solution

Greenhouse gas emissions and opportunities to reduce them significantly are a top priority for all industries around the world. TfS — the sustainability initiative of the chemical industry — is looking at how to address this in a systematic way.

Many companies currently estimate GHG emissions of their purchased goods based on global emission factors or generic information. Emission data on product- and supplier-level, so-called Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), are required to monitor reduction efforts for purchased goods related to emissions. Currently, there is no harmonised and specific approach for the chemical industry available for calculating PCF. Furthermore, the limited available data that is shared is often not directly comparable. Many industries are facing the same challenges and founded several initiatives to develop applicable solutions.

TfS with its 33 member companies takes the lead for the chemical industry and is developing a sector guideline of scope 3 GHG emissions PCF calculation for chemical materials which will be used as a drop-in solution for other initiatives.

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