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In the past 10 years, TfS has developed into a global initiative that brings together 31 leading chemical companies and has extended its influence to Asia, North and South America. As the world’s largest chemical producer, China plays a significant role not only in the growth of TfS, but also in the sustainable development of the global chemical industry.

To review its achievements in the Chinese market and establish plans for building a more sustainable chemical industry in China, TfS will hold a 10th anniversary celebration in Ningbo, China on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

TfS unites the world’s leading chemical companies and industry experts and actively seeks collaboration with major organisations and initiatives with a similar vision and goals to further enhance its influence. In China, TfS has been successfully cooperating with China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) since 2016 to spread global standards for sustainable performance of chemical supply chains and raise awareness of the need for sustainable development in China’s chemical industry.

At the celebration event in China, TfS is honoured to have Mr. Li Shousheng, President of CPCIF, deliver a speech and meet with TfS members, including representatives of Wanhua Chemical, the first Chinese chemical company to join TfS. TfS awards will be presented to chemical suppliers who have made outstanding achievements in improving their sustainability in recent years. This is intended to encourage more Chinese chemical companies to transition to a sustainable development path.

Looking to the future, TfS will invite several industry experts to participate in the roundtable discussion. They will share best practice of sustainable supply chain management and discuss ways to improve the sustainability of Chinese and global chemical industries. TfS sincerely hopes to deepen cooperation with more Chinese companies and industry experts and work together to build a more sustainable chemical supply chain and create a better future.

TfS Anniversary – agenda


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