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31 Chemical companies convened earlier this week (May 18) at the TfS General Assembly. Bound by a shared belief that transforming an industry towards sustainability is easier if they do it together, 31 CPOs of leading, global companies gave a strong backing to accelerating the further roll-out of TfS Grow&Deliver, the TfS strategy for the period 2020-2025. Key pillars of the strategy include the expansion in key growth areas like Asia with focus on China and TfS teams in Japan, India and newly created in Singapore; the strengthening of the TfS community; the development of programs of joint interest such as TfS scope 3 GHG emissions and the TfS global capability building; and finally raising the bar by for example data mining and technology playing a more important role in the TfS program. These joint activities will make the TfS proposition stranger putting it in leadership position to drive sustainability through global businesses.

Bertrand Conquéret, President Global Supply Chain BV &  Corporate Senior Vice President Purchasing Henkel, who was elected for a second and final term 2021-2023 as TfS President, emphasized that as the world is entering the final decade on delivering on the UN SDGs, it will be up to the TfS community to lead and move a generation forward.

The 31 TfS CPOs also elected a new TfS Steering Committee for the period 2021-2023. The new or re-elected TfS SteerCo members are Steven Brughmans, BASF; Joachim Christ, Merck; Lynn De Proft, Solvay; Erk Thorsten Heyen, Wacker; Markus Mirgeler, Clariant; and Thomas Udesen, Bayer.

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