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TfS is cooperating with EcoVadis in a pilot on multi-tier transparency in the supply chain. If successful, this approach will become the EcoVadis transparency benchmark across industries. Currently 6 TfS members and 44 of their suppliers confirmed participation in the pilot.

Multi-tier transparency creates substantial opportunities to increase the sustainability proposition offered by the TfS program. The highest opportunities are deep down the upstream value chain. Chemical companies will find a considerable part of the sustainability impact are upstream in supply chain, meaning their suppliers, their suppliers, their suppliers, and so on. Deep ties present the biggest risk in terms of sustainable supply chain performance for chemical companies and their customers, as well as offer an opportunity and responsibility to use purchasing spend to influence and drive sustainability practices with suppliers.

TfS member companies joining this pilot reinforce their position as sustainability leader in their markets

For TfS member companies the Tier-N pilot project provides a unique opportunity to dramatically increase the size of the current pool of 13,000 TfS Assessments.  TfS Tier-N will be a vital instrument to manage a company’s sustainability risk through deep dive, multi-tier TfS Assessments. As a result, TfS members will be in better position when buying from suppliers with good sustainability performance.

TfS partner EcoVadis upgraded its platform with new features to allow TfS member companies to nominate suppliers (Tier-1) who then can invite maximum 10 of their suppliers (Tier-2) to participate in a TfS Assessment.

This approach ensures that the next-tier supplier is approached by its direct business partner. It carries the successful method of TfS member companies inviting their direct business partners forward into the supply chain. The proven way of including sustainability requirements into the busines relationship will over time enable suppliers of any tier in the supply chain to participate and create transparency and improvements.

EcoVadis will provide information and an introduction for Tier-N suppliers early November. In addition, EcoVadis will review with each TfS member company the training needs for buyers and deliver trainings when and where appropriate.

For more information:

TfS Tier-N – one-pager

Together for Sustainability: Albert Glissenaar, tel +32 475 553870

EcoVadis: Stephanie Crocq tel +33 1 82 83 85 96


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