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The revised TfS Audit process addresses the major challenge of closing the Corrective Action Plans – the CAPs. Implemented earlier this year, the updated process extends the time for TfS supplying and member companies and TfS Auditors to close all TfS Audit findings to 36 months. Moreover, TfS provides additional tools to foster and optimize the cooperation between TfS suppliers, TfS member companies and TfS Auditors to close the findings. These include supplier updates, members feedback and formal verification and allow TfS to monitor and measure progress.

 The updated TfS Audit process provides a unique opportunity for TfS supplying and member companies to make tangible improvements in the sustainability performance of their production sites or warehouses. To capture the real value of the TfS Audit, the audit stakeholders just need to go the extra mile … “from CAP to finish”.

 The updated process is supported by the new TfS video “Capture the value of the TfS Audit: from CAP to finish.

 We encourage you to share this video with as many stakeholders as possible.



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