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Together we can make a difference. Together we Grow&Deliver.

TfS’ new strategy for the period 2020-2025 is called “Grow&Deliver”. Built on TfS’ solid foundations and achievements, the Grow&Deliver strategy focuses on four key pillars that will support the organisation in its ambition to both grow its membership and extend its geographic reach in key areas, to raise the bar and become better and stronger at what it does. The Grow&Deliver strategy will enable TfS to grow into this truly global initiative and make tangible impacts to improve sustainability in the chemical supply chains

Under the new strategy, TfS will evolve and come together as a Community, utilising the valuable assets and high standards it has created. The support and commitment of the 26 TfS member companies will enable TfS to evolve from this successful, collaborative initiative into a real community of people with a common purpose, working together to share knowledge, expertise and resources.

As an initiative, TfS will pivot from measurement to the delivery of substantial, tangible positive impact in the chemical supply chain. This is scheduled to happen through greater Collaborative Action and the Strategic Extension into vital, new markets (China, Japan, India).

Watch the TfS Grow&Deliver strategy video

TfS Grow&Deliver strategy infographic

 Infographic: TfS Grow&Deliver strategic pillars and anticipated outcome


Join us in delivering the TfS Grow&Deliver strategy:

  • Are you a chemical company keen on improving the sustainability performance of your supply chain, then join the TfS initiative!
  • Are you as representative of a TfS member company interested in joining the TfS Grow&Deliver project team?The TfS project team is looking for people who can help with the introduction of smart IT tools or have knowledge of buyers and supplier training concepts. Contact the Project team!
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