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Tfs Picture Of Mining

Mining-specific challenges related to workers’ living conditions, community well-being and land acquisition are now part of the extended TfS Audit program.

The TfS Audit program and criteria traditionally cover the key issues and risks relating to raw material producers, contract manufacturers and other suppliers with production facilities who supply the chemical industry. However, the mining industry faces challenges that are not fully covered by the TfS Audit approach, such as mining-specific challenges including workers’ living conditions, community well-being and land acquisition.

Therefore, TfS extended the TfS Audit program by a mining chapter. This module has been developed by TfS member companies in collaboration with human rights advisory twentyfifty and third-party consultant ERM. The mining questions in the enhanced TfS Audit questionnaire reflect the requirements of International Standards such as the IFC environmental and Social Performance Standard, Voluntary Principles on Security and Human rights, UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Institute of Rural Management. Some enhanced TfS Audit pilots have already been conducted using the enhanced questionnaire – more Audits are planned by TfS member companies.

For more information on the TfS Audit process, consult the TfS Supplier Academy or contact TfS at


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