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As a small family-owned forwarding company, for many years sustainability was not a strategic focus for Engemann. This changed when the company participated in its first TfS Assessement, which was a real eye-opener. The assessment carried out by the assessment agency EcoVadis delivered some interesting insights into the company’s supply chain sustainability performance as well as a road map for further improvement. After this, the company decided to tackle sustainability in a more structured way.

One of the ideas implemented was a shift from major trucks to intermodal units. By shifting major transport capacities from conventional trucks to more flexible intermodal units, Engemann has been able to save thousands of tons of greenhouse gases over the past years. From an environmental point of view, this was the company’s biggest success.

Starting with 10 units in 2006, Engemann today operates 63 units on its Italian routes. Besides the environmental benefits, this also helps to deal with the current issue of shortage of truck drivers.

The sustainability strategy at Engemann is mainly driven by the Management Board but also puts a heavy focus on its employees because, ultimately, they make it happen. According to Engemann it is key to make it easy for employees to communicate their ideas. They have a lot of creative potential to make things better and cheaper, make workflows easier and the environment cleaner.

As any small company, Engemann deals with limited resources and walks the fine line between what is necessary and what might be possible. Therefore, the company chooses not to follow short-term trends but focus on what really matters in the long run.

From left to right : Matthias Koehler, Prokurist – Peter Klopsch, Verkaufsleiter, Francisco de Molina, Speditionsleiter, © Engemann











We thank Mr Matthias Koehler (ppa) from Engemann for his input to this article.

Company profile

Founded in 1966, Engemann International Transport is a family-owned transport company based in the German town of Hilden (near Düsseldorf). The company arranges transport between Germany and a broad range of European countries. Specialised in the transportation for the chemical industry, Engemann currently counts 70 employees. Being a small company with an annual turnover of 34 million Euro, Engemann is a relative newcomer in driving sustainability through the supply chain.

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