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Sustainability is at the heart of HH Global’s business concept. As the company spokesperson Stacey Kenward says, ‘We believe that creative and innovative marketing solutions can help address global challenges, such as climate change.’

HH Global’s sustainability programme is called ‘Innovation with Purpose’. To minimize and mitigate unavoidable impacts, the programme focuses on setting high standards for producing marketing services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner whilst driving innovation. The company measures environmental impacts using their own unique calculator and presents it on an easy to understand sustainability dashboard.

‘In FY19, by redesigning products and helping our clients make sustainable choices, we helped to save 28,000 trees, 130 million litres of water, 9,246 MWh of energy, and 8,903 tonnes of carbon. That’s enough trees to cover 14 football pitches, enough water to fill 52 Olympic swimming pools, enough energy to power 786 average homes, and the equivalent of taking 1,895 average cars off the road!

We’re confident we can build on these achievements. That’s why in FY20, we’re targeting savings of 38,000 trees, 120 million litres of water, 10,000 MWh of energy, and 11,000 tonnes of carbon. Although we aim to support all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are prioritizing action for the following goals due to their relevance to our business.‘

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HH Global wanted to raise awareness of the environmental impact of their clients’ marketing services by measuring and educating clients on the trees, carbon, water and energy involved in producing their goods. This was done by working with internal sourcing teams, who looked at initiatives to reduce impact and measure both the financial and environmental benefits. As a result, HH Global managed to reduce costs for clients and saved a significant number of trees, carbon, energy and water.

The dashboards and calculators were introduced by HH Global’s Innovation and Sustainability team who was delighted to see they were embraced by every part of the business. The HH Global client teams have been passionately working with customers to raise awareness and explore unique initiatives aligned to the ones of their clients, taking the program to the next level.

The company learned a lot from this journey. If they needed to offer one piece of advice to other companies it would be to embrace innovation while at the same time, ensure its alignment with commercial benefits for clients. This approach focuses on improving a client’s ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit. To ensure the POS scope is fully incorporated, HH Global put a lot of focus on reducing the impact of paper and card and is now looking at how to tackle the use of plastics and metals. HH Global is excited about the innovative plans to measure, communicate, and – most importantly – reduce, reuse and recycle plastic in marketing!

Participating in a TfS Assessment was an important step for HH Global on its sustainability journey as it helped the organization to get a full picture of its environmental, ethical, labor & human rights and sustainable procurement performance.

We thank Mrs Stacey Kenward of HH Global for her contribution.

Company profile

Operating in 44 countries and employing more than 1300 employees, HH Global is a marketing execution solution partner for world leading brands. The company applies the expertise of its people, processes and industry-leading technology, to develop innovative solutions that drive down the cost of clients’ Print, POS, Promotional Articles and Packaging, while improving quality, sustainability and speed to market.

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