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Tfs Note Of The Committee
Tfs Note Of The Committee
Tfs Events Presentation In Asia
Tfs Events With Possiblity To Ask From The Audience
Tfs Events Speaker At Event In Asia
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Tfs Speaker At Event In China
Tfs Event In China
Tfs Speaker At Event In Asia
Tfs Speaker At Tfs Event
Tfs Note Of The CommitteeTfs Events Presentation In AsiaTfs Events With Possiblity To Ask From The AudienceTfs Events Speaker At Event In AsiaTfs Event Presenation Of Several MembersTfs Meeting And Meet And GreetTfs Meet And Discuss At Our EventsTfs Speaker At Event In ChinaTfs Event In ChinaTfs Speaker At Event In AsiaTfs Speaker At Tfs Event



tfs events include active partnership of the audience
tfs event in china
tfs events people are ready to answer questions of the audience

Together for Sustainability holds Breakout session at China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference (CPCIC) in Shanghai Sep 17, 2015

Through an official invitation from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), TfS held a breakout session during their annual conference, in order to strengthen awareness on sustainability through the entire supply chain in the region.

With about 450 participants from suppliers, TfS member company-representatives, and local and international associations, the event was aimed to achieve a higher level of mutual understanding amongst suppliers and the Chinese chemical industry about the sustainability challenges and requirements of the chemical supply chain.

In his opening speech, Rüdiger Eberhard, President of TfS and Chief Procurement Officer of Evonik Industries commented “We will take the opportunity to present and discuss how the TfS initiative contributes to find the answers to some of the sustainability challenges we face globally and in China. We also want to discuss with you, our suppliers, about the achievements and challenges of the TfS initiative and how we can jointly bring the initiative forward.”

This was followed by a presentation from co-CEO and co-Founder of EcoVadis, Pierre-Francois Thaler, on the process and value proposition of EcoVadis assessments, and Dr. Martina Ludwig of VCI, who explained their own initiative of Chemie3 and its close link and future potential with TfS. In a panel discussion participants from CPCIF and TfS as well as suppliers, who have already participated in the TfS assessment and Audit program, exchanged their views on the impact of TfS on Supply Chain Sustainability in the Chemical Industry.

The session also had keynote speeches from three distinguished guests from the industry.

Mr. Li Shousheng, Chairman of the China Petroleum and Chemicals Industry Federation (CPCIF), stressed the importance of the sustainability in the supply chain for the Chinese chemical industry and expressed their full support to TfS, while Dr. Klaus Engel, CEO & Chairman of Evonik Industries, stated that sustainability is not to be taken as a burden or a handicap in daily business but “embracing the challenges of sustainability is embracing the future” and the way forward of building the strong foundations for tomorrow’s well-being. Mr. Lu Xian, Vice President from Sinochem International Corporation represented an individual chemical company by saying that Chinese chemical companies have already realized the importance of sustainability and started the journey of developing sustainability. “We gave our commitment to develop Sinochem to be one of the most sustainable chemical companies in China:”

Eberhard summarized the event by commenting “We believe through the collaboration with the chemical industry associations and individual companies, the awareness of sustainability will be continuously increased in China.”


tfs events include active partnership of the audience
tfs event in china
tfs events people are ready to answer questions of the audience




在开幕仪式上,TfS全球总裁即赢创首席采购官Rüdiger Eberhard先生评论说: 我们将借此机会展示和讨论如何让TfS倡议帮助我们找到我们在全球和中国对应可持续发展之挑战的答案。我们还想和我们的供应商讨论关于TfS倡议的成就和挑战以及我们如何共同推进此倡议。

接下来的是由EcoVadis的总裁和创始人 Pierre-Francois Thaler先生 展示EcoVadis评估的流程和价值定位和来自德国化工联合会的Dr. Martina Ludwig解释他们自己的Chemie3 和它与TfS的密切联系和未来潜力。在专题讨论环节,来自中国石化联合会和TfS以及已经参与过TfS评估和审计项目的供应商们交换了他们关于TfS在化工行业供应链的可持续性发展的看法。




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